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Jong received a microscope for his birthday.

Pierre, come here!

Great speed is a feature of the Concorde.

Thank you for sending the product information asked for.

What do you think it means?

Do you have a coat and a hat?

What stopped me?


Which is the best way to travel?

Why would Debi care?

This is a strange kind of fish.

I haven't been outside in weeks.

She has lovers for every day of the week.

We are all bewildered by her inconstancy.

I'm sorry I was late for class today.

Marguerite died from TB.

I need to call him.

With the grace of a hummingbird she placed herself on the corner of the writing desk.

I try to be aggressive.

You've always been very good to me.

What time is your plane?

She took two weeks' leave and visited China.

Dannie tried to convince James to have a threesome.

As he couldn't endure, he took to his heels.

This furniture was in my apartment when I moved in.

I've never tried it.

Masao won't come here, will he?

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You didn't sound like you were kidding.

How's everyone doing in here?

I have a credit card.

They demanded that they should get more money.

Elizabeth asked what was on everyone's mind.

I just wish I'd never got involved with you.

Who gave out the tickets?


His parents took him for a walk.

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These goods are in great demand.


Phil can speak French well.

Nicholas must be getting used to this by now.

This will do for the time being.

He can speak neither English nor French.

We must go forward getting the better of all obstacles.

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Why don't you get lost?

It is probable that she will come tomorrow.

Kim doesn't really care what Lindsay wants.

Please fill in your name and address on this form.

Look at the girl with the long hair.

Why do you always have to be so cruel?

Juliet tried the knob.

What's the value of that?

I wasn't the one who told Erik to do that.

Stop it already!

I'll take a stab at it.

Charge this bill to me.

Don't let yourself be used.

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That's what Randy remembers.

Feeling the house shake, I ran out into the street.

I was forced to support his theory.

How long have you been the boss?

You're so attentive.

Dan strangled Linda with a pillow case.

Their territory was small for the population.

Why are we poor?

Be bold, European Union, or remain a political pygmy.

The man awakens.

Korea allowed an inspection by the IAEA.

I know you don't remember me.

Do you like this design?

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I'll always be there for him.

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How could I forget something like that?

My brother is a professor.

Westminter is alive with speculation today, as the government decides on a new leader to take them forward into the general election.


They kept looking.


Syed could not resist the temptation and spied on Mick in her bath.

I'm stronger than you.

I sometimes help my parents in the shop after school.

Her tears were just for effect.

Manjeri rolled up the string and put it in his pocket.

They have plenty.

There is another mistake here...

She looks amazing tonight.

Pete and I never quite saw eye to eye.


The building was still there in my time.

I still find it hard to believe.

I don't want Mayo to worry.


Raymond and Kevan are away on a trip.

He has employed ten workers.

The boy grew taller and taller, till at last he exceeded his father in height.

It's one thing to make plans, but quite another to carry them out.

I want you there with Tricia when he wakes up.


This is a rough game.

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Do you want to go or not?

It is impossible.

His new car is a real beauty.

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Walking along the street, I hit on a solution to the problem.

There's so much.

Please be careful when crossing the street.

This dog is yours. Where is mine?

He is an industrious student to the best of my knowledge.

I have to take the cat to the vet today.

Birds are chirping.

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Jianyun wanted Amedeo to be nicer to John.

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I'm not as tall as he is.

He always spends his money freely.

I went to a concert with Kees.

How did you find out that Mat was the one who had eaten your sandwich?

Roman was very pleased.


I should think you are right.


Facebook always finds a way to annoy promoters.


Though young, he is an able man.

The accused was found not guilty.

Jim always avoids trouble at all costs.

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I believe Ssi will do that.

I'll get some.

I never wanted it to come to this.

I got soaked boating down river.

It's the size of a small car.


Where did we go wrong?


Christianity has many followers.

I pretended to be working.

Don't blame me for what happens.

Lum poured himself a glass of wine.

Did Ramanan try to speak to you?

Could I ask you a big favor?

I can't reach him.


I am so thirsty, probably because I ate pizza yesterday night.

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Look, I'll see you later.


Does that feel good?

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Cary pushed Herb off the edge of the cliff.

Do you want to ride a unicorn to work? Because I do.

Is there any hot water left?

Most of the revellers are tourists.

I opened the envelope and pulled out a letter.


You depend on others' help too much.

It appeared that he meant what he said.

Please tell us the good points of this machine.

We don't know it.

I should call you.


Is there something I can do to help you?

You'll find the shop around the corner.

You always ask me to join your team because you need one more guy. Come on - just once I'd like you to say it's because I alone am worth ten of them - even if it is a lie.

Lord has already forgotten all about you.

I'd like to keep it that way.


It's not very complicated.

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Tell me about your son.


I will make up for the damage I did to your car.


If you're wrong, admit it. If you're right, be quiet.

Please telephone me when you have made up your mind what you want to do.

With you here beside me I'm not afraid of anything. You're my fortress.

What did Jones tell you about me?

You may remain anonymous.

I want you to leave my house and never come back.

I'll have to have my camera repaired.


I drank too much again.

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It has taken them three hours to catch the bus.

They went home after they had finished the task.

Let's call for the ambulance.

I saw how he crossed the road.

How optimistic are you?

Simplicity is worse than robbery.

I apologize for it.


Do you really want this?


Bad answers show the way to the right ones.